About Us

Kar Consulting Services is a small but agile team of 3 focused on business development, content & community development, & product development. We specialize in helping fintech and crypto companies, and tend to work with mid-to-late stage firms.

It’s led by Ian Kar, founder of Vol. 1 Ventures and Fintech Today, who has a deep network and 10 years of experience in fintech and crypto. He also was a product manager at Acorns, where he worked on projects like financial literacy, debit card creation, retirement products, and marketing.

Business Development

You have a product and you’re ready to hit the market and find some customers. How do you start? Go to market strategies differ from company to company, but we’re skilled in finding your early customers and start driving revenue quickly.

This consulting service is best for enterprise companies in the fintech or crypto space. Our deep expertise helps us craft the right story and narrative around a product’s value proposition, especially compared to competitors and others in the space. Our deep network and CRM across the entire fintech and crypto startup ecosystems helps us get in the room (or on the Zoom) with buyers and decision makers from potential customers and get their opinion on your product and positioning. Companies pay a low flat fee for initial work and then a percentage of a contract based on actual sales we can drive.

Content & Community Development

Every company can benefit from developing content and community in-house, but finding folks with the right experience and the best strategy for your company is hard to come by. We can help by developing the right strategy for your company (consumer or enterprise) across content, social media, and community development, and executing that strategy. We also develop the right funnels so that you can convert your content audience or engaged community into customers for your product. This includes content creation, ghostwriting services, content management and vendor selection, community management, and

Our content and community consulting is a fit for any type of company but we specialize in enterprise companies selling to other fintech and crypto firms. We also have experience working with direct-to-consumer fintech and crypto companies.

Customer Research & Product Strategy/Development

Understanding your users is critical for a product team—whether its developing your first product or a brand new one. Customer research is an important and early step in the produce development process and requires both quantitative, data driven, research and qualitative research from deep user research study sessions.

Using that research, we can clearly define problems and develop and test solutions with users to determine what’s best for you.

This type of consulting is best for later stage companies looking to expand their product suite or add a new product type. In rare cases, we may also be a fit for early stage companies but those are on a case-by-case basis. We can assist with companies in both consumer focused and enterprise companies to conduct user research and develop a product from 0 to 1.

Recruiting Services (Exclusively Available for Consulting Clients)

Looking to hire someone full time? For existing or past consulting clients, we offer recruiting services to help source and find the best talent for your open roles. Leveraging our job board and talent directories, we can find the right talent you’re looking for and potentially conduct first round interviews to asses skill and cultural fit.

We only offer this to current or past consulting clients on a very case-by-case basis.

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